The joke is: It's not a joke.

Sweet Ink!

Write me an e-mail if you’d like to schedule an appointment to discuss my tattoo art.

I strive for an anti-racist ethic in the imagery I work with. Accordingly, there are certain images and styles of image I am almost always unwilling to work with, most particularly on white people. (<–I, myself, am white and that’s just too much white for us to have a carte blanche as well…it’s just a tacky color scheme) These include some of the generally problematic tropes of the western tattoo world, like Chinese or Japanese characters, “Chinese” dragons, “Japanese” coy, “tribals”, Maori-inspired linework, permanent “henna”, Day of the Dead imagery, and the like. I am: a.) generally unwilling to do work that reads to me as culturally appropriative, and b.) open to discussion about this. I may well come to a clearer understanding of the piece and be glad to tattoo it. I don’t mean to be an arbiter of what is and is not yours to have, more what is and is not mine to share. I can talk more about this if you like, as it is both an important conversation and a totally complicated policy to enact.

Everything else is fair game and I love to stretch my illustration style to match your needs. I draw a lot of nature (plants, animals, anything organic) and geekery (equations and formulae, diagrams) and a fair amount of tiny-detail line work. I love to play with color.

Also, here’s a pretty cute video about how/why tattoos work:

Artwork below is in order of most recent to least. Also, let’s be honest: I update Facebot more than I update here. Check it out!