The joke is: It's not a joke.

Sweet Ink!

My rates for actual tattoo art time are $150 an hour with a $100 minimum and a no-questions-asked $100 and hour low income rate. I work pretty quickly. Art/design work is $50 an hour once we hit the hour mark (so 45 minutes is free, but 59 minutes is $50). I have a late cancellation fee of $50 for appointments canceled less than 24 hours in advance. Finally, I charge $50 for the first hour and $50 an hour afterward for consultation appointments when they’re not integrated into a tattoo session. I try to keep the rates for my time fair and low (at least for the tattoo industry). If you feel my work is worth more and have the cash to share, you are surely welcome to tip and tip well. I also am game for layaway and installment plans. Ask about trade. –> Please bring cash if at all possible <–

I strive for an anti-racist ethic in the imagery I work with. Accordingly, there are certain images and styles of image I am almost always unwilling to work with, most particularly on white people. (<–I, myself, am white and that’s just too much white for us to have a carte blanche as well…it’s just a tacky color scheme) These include some of the generally problematic tropes of the western tattoo world, like Chinese or Japanese characters, “Chinese” dragons, “Japanese” coy, “tribals”, Maori-inspired linework, permanent “henna”, Day of the Dead imagery, and the like. I am: a.) generally unwilling to do work that reads to me as culturally appropriative, and b.) absolutely open to discussion about this. I may well come to a clearer understanding of the piece and be glad to tattoo it. I don’t mean to be an arbiter of what is and is not yours to have, more what is and is not mine to share. I can talk more about this if you like, as it is both an important conversation and a totally complicated policy to enact.

Everything else is fair game and I love to stretch my style to match your needs. I do a lot of nature (plants, animals, anything organic) and geekery (equations and formulae, diagrams) and a fair amount of tiny-detail line work. I love to play with color. A fair survey of my work is available at:

Write me an e-mail if you’d like to schedule an appointment to discuss my tattoo art. andrea.m.danger at gmail dot co

Also, here’s a pretty cute video about how/why tattoos work:

Artwork below is in order of most recent to least. As of 9/8/23, this is pretty old work and I will be doing a massive overhaul in the next couple months. Meanwhile, check out that Instagram link above.